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The Workspace of Tomorrow!


An icon, entrenched with history, the 200-year-old Heal’s Building on Tottenham Court Road will be transformed through an extensive refurbishment programme, including repurposing the creation of new vibrant destination entrance, café, restaurant and ancillary spaces.

Repurposed as ‘The Manufactory’, this builds upon the sites historic use as a ‘furniture manufacturer’ to the ‘manufacture of ideas’. Once completed, this iconic building will provide new high quality workspace and collaboration zones, creating a destination to this already prestigious area.

Since 1840, the site has undergone significant development and has a collection of 9 connected blocks of buildings. Our clients KKR and General Projects acquired the building and the surrounding estate in 2021 from Columbia Threadneedle for £112m. We are thrilled to be part of remastering this incredible landmark as Project Managers, Cost Consultants and Employer’s Agents.

Proving that sustainable design can be applied to Grade II* buildings, and BREEAM Very Good and an EPC B will be the minimum standards applied, with aspirations for ‘Excellent’ and ‘A’ with a wider Net Zero strategy set in place for the occupied spaces.

Works on the building have already begun, with an initial 35,000 sq ft of office space completed in July ’22, with the relocation of Heals underway. A further 62,000 sq ft of offices are set to complete in the Q3 2023.

Since founding Costa in 1971 at Old Paradise Street, the site will now be transformed into the next generation of commercial office space, pushing the boundaries of ESG and Sustainable Design. Considering embodied carbon and operational energy throughout the design, a Cross Laminated Timber and Glulam structure will be utilised with terracotta façade, seeking to meet and better the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge for embodied carbon and operational energy.

With goals to set the new ‘norm’ for low-carbon office workspace, whilst supporting the health and well-being of its future occupants, standards incorporated including BREEAM ‘Excellent,’ WELL Core ‘Gold, and WIRED ‘Gold’.

In this instance, happiness grows from trees.

Earlier this year we won two tandem skydives at a charity auction for School of Hard Knocks Charity. Scott Hepworth and Adib Jazireh were our two lucky winners of the tickets and experienced the adrenaline-fuelled tandem parachute jump with The Red Devils last week.

Here’s what they said about it:

"Thank you to Quartz for supporting me through the recent personal tragedy... I felt like throwing myself out   of a plane, which, Quartz enabled me to do so was the best way to get on with my life...! I had a lot of fun and was good to get some adrenaline going through my body again!"

- Scott Hepworth
“It’s a massive adrenaline rush as you can imagine. It's an experience that I'll never forget. It’s like nothing else on earth. I loved it!”

- Adib Jazireh

We had a remarkable day participating (and very almost winning!) in Meinhardt’s 5th Annual Charity Touch Rugby Tournament this month. The Quartz team got to compete against other firms in the building and construction industry. Despite an unfortunate start after losing the only two subs the team had, we managed to place second in the cup final with a close score of 2-1.

The event was in aid of Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity that supports over 14,000 16-25 year olds each year. Congratulations to all and thank you to Meinhardt for organising such a great event for a fantastic cause!

Also, a big congratulations goes out to Jackson for his Player of the Tournament award. We loved seeing him rip the pitch up! We look forward to finishing off some business next year!

McAleer & Rushe have been appointed as Main Contractor to a £140m Taxi House development at Westminster.


The landmark co-living development on the banks of the Grand Union Canal will transform the site of the former London Taxi Drivers’ Association HQ. Key to the development is the 346 units, vast internal amenity and external space, a pavilion and high-quality co-working space. McAleer and Rushe have been appointed as the main contractor on behalf of Cheyne Capital. They will be building the new development around the existing depot until they can be re-housed in their new facility.

Once completed, it will include a private pool, dining, massage rooms and a bespoke cinema. The building will range in size and height from 3 to 12 stories, and it will have 23,700 sqft of green, biodiverse roofs, targeting a BREEAM Excellent rating. There will also be 11,840 sqft of workspace specifically dedicated to SMEs. Undoubtedly, it will have a lasting impact on the community.

It is great for us to be involved in such an amazing project as Cost Consultants and Employer’s Agents.


We don’t just count numbers!

Quartz had a fantastic day participating in the JLL Property Triathlon at Dorney Lake last month. The full-day event, which included a 750m swim down the lake, 21.2km bike ride and 5km run, had over 3500 contestants. We had a great time competing against all the other property professionals taking part.

We had 12 people from our London and Manchester offices compete in both the individual and team relays. The teams finished 110th and 118th out of 431. The individuals put up a great fight, with some finishing in the top 64 out of 774! One of our collegues, Project Manager, Joe Potten has commented:

The JLL Triathlon was a great example of teambuilding. The atmosphere was amazing throughout the entire day and it was great to see us all supporting each other in both the individual and team events. It’s definitely an event I would participate in again!

Congratulations to everyone and thank you to JLL for putting on such a great event!

Quartz proudly sponsored the LFA (London Festival of Architecture) 2022 launch party, in partnership with DP9 Limited and Blue Orchid Hotels.

The event was held at 55 Broadway, which we have appointed as Project Managers for the building’s redevelopment. The former office building will be transformed into a 515-key luxury hotel, conference venue and leisure facility for Blue Orchid Hotels, part of the Integrity International Group.

The LFA opening party marked the start of the month long festival in June and guests enjoyed a tour of the building from some of the Quartz team, including getting to see views of the skyline from the rooftop!


We’re delighted to announce our Charity of the Year partnership with SOHK (School of Hard Knocks) for 2022, which will help to fund life-changing programmes for both children and adults across the UK. SOHK uses sport to help those who are affected by issues such as unemployment, mental health, and crime, among others. We’re really excited to be working with such a fantastic cause and will be organising and participating in a variety of fundraising events throughout the year with the goal of raising as much money as possible for them (fingers crossed!).


The story and history behind the School of Hard Knocks is pretty fascinating and expressive which is yet another reason why we are very pleased to be partnering with them. In 2007, Ken Cowen, the CEO of School of Hard Knocks, was working for a training provider in Liverpool when Knowsley council approached him for innovative ideas to help young men who had been unemployed for a long time due to the proceeds of petty crime. This journey then created School of Hard Knocks, an eight-week course designed to help these men contribute positively to society by giving them a sense of self-worth and efficacy. The charity now helps over 750 adults and children each year with many incredible success stories. If you would like to learn more about SOHK’s mission or would like to contact them for more information, visit their website here.


We’re absolutely thrilled that Quartz have chosen SOHK to be their ‘Charity of the Year’  – or in this case, two years! Quartz have been along to our End of Dry January lunches for a while now and know us well, but this really elevates the relationship and we look forward to doing some fun stuff together this year and crucially raise some funds to help sustain the work of the charity.

Ken Cowen, CEO of SOHK


We recognise the critical role charities play and are thrilled with our new partnership with SOHK, which will allow us to reach and help many adults and children in the UK. We believe that by working together, we can make a lasting impact while also providing our colleagues with a great cause for fundraising across the many exciting events we have planned throughout 2022. We can’t wait to start our partnership and raise much needed funds for SOHK.

Bill Arnold, Director of Quartz


Last of all, keep an eye on our social media pages for updates on how we are trying to help.

In the UK and around the world, the built environment has become increasingly committed to achieving Net Zero, and we must agree on what this means in pragmatic terms to make real progress.

According to the Institute for Government, ‘Net Zero’ refers to achieving a balance between the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. This means that any building that is not either operating at Net Zero Carbon performance, or it is not designed to be capable of doing so, is becoming a costly liability for future generations. The most important thing is to focus on the desired outcome, while also meeting the sustainability compliances & requirements.

So, how should the processes of design, procurement, construction and so on change to fulfil this vision? First and foremost, clients play a critical role in this, as they are the ones who have the power to encourage or prevent this achievement with the other stakeholders with whom they engage. The client will typically have their constraints in mind which naturally are budget and time, however it is evident that the law and statutory requirements regarding sustainability (many of which are in the pipeline) have resulted in sustainability, being an important facet to consider for any project at the offset. Clients are also receiving pressure from funders and investors to ensure that the projects they are aligned with take sustainability seriously and that it’s credentials are recorded and championed, otherwise funding can now be put at risk or not offered. Compliance is the main concern at the outset, however reviewing sustainability and the options regarding it, can, and typically will, result in greater value for clients in the long term. For example, re-using materials and structures, increasing energy efficiency when running assets and safe-guarding the value of an asset for re-sale.

Whilst the client will overall steer and decide how sustainability is weighted in their project credentials, the role of the Project Manager and the wider design team is critical. It is the Project Manager and the design team that can, and must highlight areas of opportunity to be holistically reviewed, in order to enable an intelligent client decision. At the very least, the Project Manager and design team need to highlight and identify any issues of compliance.

Some of the steps that can be taken starting from an initial concept to having a Net Zero Scheme built are:

  1. Establishing Net Zero Carbon scope
  2. Reducing the construction impacts
  3. Reducing the operational energy use
  4. Increase renewable energy supply
  5. Offsetting any remaining carbon



Buildings that are Net Zero carbon can add significant value over their lifetime, so it’s important to consider this added value in addition to the cost. This is because the value benefits are likely to outweigh the cost increase. A report published by UK GBC (Green Building Council) highlights 11 significant value drivers of Net Zero:

  1. Cost Saving: This includes costs associated with energy, water and materials. The cost of the resulting actions may be higher in the capital phase, but the operational phase will save far more money.
  2. Talent Attraction and Retention: Employee engagement, productivity and motivation are influenced by the primary business values, and these values are met with a sustainable strategy emphasising health, diversity and inclusivity.
  3. Meeting Tenant Demand: Driving sustainable business principles at all levels of the value chain can also help tenants/customers avoid or achieve their own sustainability goals.
  4. Brand & Reputation: This is one of the most valuable asset for all organisations, benefiting the investors, contractors, operator and the developers.
  5. Long-term Resilience: As we live in an uncertain and unpredictable world, the sustainability credentials include a risk assessment of social and environmental impacts, which improves resilience. This includes things such as the mitigation of insurance costs and liabilities resulting from extreme weather events etc..
  6. Innovation: Looking for new methods of production or delivery to improve efficiency can help identify new opportunities, such as use of new technology.
  7. Productivity: There is often a strong link between innovation and productivity. For instance adoption of a new technology can help increase the workforce productivity.
  8. Access to Capital: Net Zero assumptions can result in new sources of capital or capital at preferential interest rates.
  9. Quality: It can improve building quality during the design, construction, and management phases.
  10. Value of Assets: The benefits of Net Zero building and all of its other advantages can help to increase demand for the assets.
  11. Licence to Operate: Legal compliance is required in order to keep the licence to operate in the future and being Net Zero can help to that.


We all know how important it is to gain work experience while studying for a degree. According to CIPD, two thirds of employers look for candidates with relevant hands-on experience.  However, it is really challenging to find a job while trying to maintain balance between work and studies. Quartz recognises this and supports students to help them gain industry experience as a stepping point in their life long  career. Here is an interview with Phoebe who has been a Project Assistant at Quartz for 2 years now while studying to complete her post-graduate degree:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself ?

I graduated from Newcastle University with a First in Architecture in 2018, however decided that becoming a designer wasn’t for me. I took a year out post degree and went on a ski season. I joined Quartz the following summer in June 2019 as an Assistant Project Manager. Although becoming an Architect wasn’t for me, I still loved buildings and construction and thought that the more managerial aspect of construction would be better suited  to me. I started my postgraduate course at Westminster University Reading in Construction Project Management in September 2019 (part-time course, split over two years).


How do you manage both your studies and the workload at Quartz?

With a lot of difficulty haha! It is unbelievably hard work trying to balance the two. I find that I have to work late most evenings and almost every weekend, both days to fit my Masters work around Quartz.


How has working at Quartz helped you in your studies? 

I have found that a lot of the content of my masters work are around topics and subjects that I deal with on a daily basis as part of my Quartz work and so in this sense, my work at Quartz has been very helpful for my degree. Conversely, my masters studies have really helped fill in a lot of blanks in my learning at Quartz.


Can you give us an example of when you have felt supported by your colleagues during a busy and challenging time in your studies?


There have been a number of occasions when I have had to take annual leave to complete certain bits of coursework or revise for exams etc. Quartz have always been very accommodating when I need to take time away from work to do this.

Does Quartz take any initiatives to manage the work- life balance of employees? If so, how have these initiatives affected you?


Employees have to answer a workload questionnaire every Friday that provides us with the opportunity to alert our Directors to whether we have too much on our plate (or not enough as well). Our POD calls also provide us with the same opportunity.


Which factors played a role in your success, both at work and university?

Being organised and disciplined about just getting the work done and trying to stay on top of all of it. Don’t leave things until the last minute! Trying to manage my stress has been very difficult over the last two years and is a constant effort on my part (still not very good at it).

Thank you Phoebe and look forward to your continued progress and success at Quartz!