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Marina Ranger has recently completed and passed her Level 5 HR Diploma, meaning she is now a member of the CIPD body at Associate level! We asked Marina few questions about what it took to gain the qualification and what motivated her during this time. Here is what she says…




Tell us about yourself.

My name is Marina Ranger and I am the Head of Operations at Quartz Project Services.


What does your role involve?

I am responsible for Quartz’s business operations which includes responsibilities within HR, Marketing, Innovation, Finance, Sustainability, IT etc. so I do a wide variety of tasks. I’m a ‘jack of all’!


Please tell us about your recent HR certificate.

Before I joined Quartz, I decided to study for a Level 5 HR Diploma, which would certify me as a member of CIPD at Associate level and help me in my future roles as the person responsible for HR in the business. The certification, which I have just received gives me an in-depth understanding of HR laws, policies and ways of working, which I knew would be transferrable in my working career.


Why did you decide to do the course?

I knew I would have extra time on my hands as we were in lockdown and HR was always a part of my role that I knew was fundamental to any business I was working for but also something I felt I had learning to do in. I love learning and improving my skill set so I thought the course would not only make me more qualified to give HR advice but would also make me more confident in my role and equally better at it!


What was required of you in terms of workload during the course?

There was on average 8 hours of reading each week and a 3,000 – 4,000 word essay every 4-6 weeks. A lot!


Was it difficult to balance work responsibilities and your course requirements?

Yes and no. It was certainly stressful at times but I am quite good at compartmentalising different things I have going on and prioritising all the different things going on in life. Generally, it took up my weekends and some late week night evenings, which was a sacrifice I had to make!


You’ve been at Quartz for a while now, what keeps you motivated?

Mainly the people I work with! Having a good bunch of colleagues to work with is a great incentive to work hard as you feel you are doing the work for a team. Knowing the work I do will also keep me learning and growing is also a motivator for myself.


What are your plans for the future now you’ve got your certificate?

Start trying to put my HR Management skills to practice and adding more value to Quartz!


Thank you Marina and look forward to your continued progress and success at Quartz!