Quartz has employed three apprentices in the last three years. One of which has gone on to achieve a distinction in her degree and is now a permanent employee at Quartz. The other two apprentices are being supported in their early years of their career still.

The Government Kickstart Scheme creates new opportunities for young people and helps them get hands-on work experience during the pandemic. We have employed a kickstarter who is now a permanent member of staff. We are very proud to be playing a part in the country’s economic recovery by supporting this scheme.

Quartz does not engage in, nor condone the unlawful employment or exploitation of children, forced labour or slavery including human trafficking, prison labour or indentured labour and bonded labour. Quartz Project Services complies with UK Labor and modern slavery law. Our full modern slavery policy can be found here.

Quartz is dedicated to driving positive change for all stakeholders. This includes supporting employees and clients in any charitable endeavors, community outreach projects and ensuring that we are positively connected to the wider community. This is either through our internal teams or in collaboration with client projects.

Employees are expected to observe reasonable safety precautions in their work. Any safety hazards should be brought to the attention of senior team members and rerecorded accurately.

Quartz is committed to providing the best possible working environment for all employees. Quartz is also dedicated to supporting all employees to develop and achieve their professional goals. A core value for Quartz is to always foster spirit of collaboration and integrity for all employees, working towards the business’s common vision and goals. Supporting all employees and providing them with a positive workplace is fundamental in achieving this. Quartz is committed to championing equality and diversity in all areas of the business. Positive inclusive practices are embedded into the culture at Quartz and are upheld by all stakeholders.