Therefore, Quartz is committed to undertaking annual carbon inventories of Scope 1, 2 and where data is available Scope 3 emissions. As a business, Quartz will ultimately aim to reduce the overall emissions year on year and offset any unavoidable emissions. Reduction targets to monitor the progress of the reduction rates will be set as part of a long-term action plan.

Quartz now has a benchmark carbon footprint for the reporting period of Jan-Dec 2020. As a business, Quartz are working towards not only carbon neutrally but also carbon net-zero. This is a long-term aspiration but one that is being embedded in all areas of the business not only for employees but also for clients.

Quartz recognises that business travel is a fundamental offering to clients and the emissions associated with this are often unavoidable. However, it is understood that this is a large factor in the organisation’s carbon footprint. The corporate travel policy for the business has been designed to actively develop and implement a strategy that champions sustainability for necessary business travel.

Quartz’s operational teams also actively engage with all utility companies from which procured energy is supplied. Active liaison with suppliers is fundamental in ensuring that energy consumption is monitored to improve data accuracy. This will support the organisational annual carbon emission inventory reporting. Where possible, green tariffs for all procured energy will be procured.

In addition to monitoring the consumption of office utilities, all employees are also encouraged to review their utility consumption whilst working remotely. Educating all members of staff to understand their impact whilst working at home is fundamental. Information on switching to green energy tariffs at home and equipment best practice is provided.

Quartz’s waste management policy champions the overall reduction of waste in the workplace. Recycling facilities are made available to all employees who are encouraged to utilise these facilities when waste is generated at the office premises.