Reshaping ‘Business as Usual’

April 27, 2021

When the outside world experiences change that is beyond our control, it is important to adapt to those changes and accelerate the way in which we respond to those external factors. We must constantly remain ahead of future challenges thrown at us. Ironically, we should take a leaf out of the virus’ book; we know too well how quick it is at adapting and being steps ahead of us.


With Quartz now safely returning to the office, we acknowledge the new ‘business as usual’ with a great sense of responsibility. Because really, it is not ‘business as usual’. While our output of our work remains wholly unaffected and things are in fact busier than ever, we have implemented internal operational changes to facilitate the changes to the outside world.


It would be unwise to ignore the acceleration of change happening in the world. Especially in terms of digital solutions and technology infrastructures, which Quartz has taken the necessary steps to evolve with, while maintaining efficient operations.


More now than ever, the construction industry is an integral part of supporting our economy. Our focus as ever is to process and complete projects on schedule and on budget with the highest quality of delivery. Our accomplishments and changes are strengthening our resilience, and we see this knock on to the clients and partners we work with.


Our continuity plan has reshaped a number of things at Quartz:


  1. First and foremost, we ensure the safety and well-being of our employees and their families, plus all the stakeholders we work with including clients and consultants through a safe environment to work in, whether at home, in the office or onsite including
  2. More people! We have grown phenomenally over the last quarter and that is testament to our high referral rate gaining us new work
  3. We have adopted an online desk booking system for WFH/office attendance
  4. All staff have access to digital consultations through our Private Health Care and Cash Plan schemes for mental health, wellbeing, and general healthcare support
  5. Improvements to our reporting capabilities with the use of videos and more visual recognitions
  6. Weekly company calls on Monday mornings
  7. Friday afternoon ‘Fun’ sessions of all sorts for everyone to take part in
  8. Internal ‘Coffee Calls’
  9. Clear communication via Microsoft Teams on Office 365
  10. Maximising the use of web-based file-sharing systems
  11. Offering opportunities to young people through the Government’s Kickstart Scheme