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Blossom Street

This development consists of two buildings – 1 x 8 storey building and a 1 x 7 storey building to form 140 residential apartments and 3 townhouses. The ground floors will consist of retail and others of business use. Manchester is a fast-growing city. The current population is now estimated at c2.7m. Back in 1950, the population was c.2.4m.

Manchester has grown by 20,044 since 2015, which is approximately a 0.73% annual increase. The increase in population means more housing and more jobs are needed in the city. Blossom Street will be helping by providing more accommodation for its rapid growth and jobs will be generated from the retail units and other businesses at the bottom of the building. With the dealings of the pandemic over the past year, people’s way of living has now changed. People are craving more outdoor/space and living. Blossom street has a panoramic roof terrace for its residents to use. This type of space has become very popular with inner city living. Not to mention, eco-friendly.