Gaining RICS Chartership

January 13, 2021

Abdul Thahid has recently completed and passed his APC assessment, meaning he is now a chartered RICS professional! We asked Abdul a bit about what it took to gain this qualification. Here is what he says…

“The APC process requires a significant amount of personal time commitment and is not to be underestimated. This is equally applicable to both graduates and more experienced candidates like me. I took the 12 month structured training route for my APC assessment which had the following requirements;


  1. Demonstrate an understanding of all the necessary mandatory and technical competencies.
  2. Proof of 48 hours of CDP .
  3. Submit a case study.
  4. Final Interview.


I would advise anyone wishing to take their APC have a draft ready for their councilor’s review at least 3 to 4 months before the submission deadline.


The whole process is an excellent tool for professional development. Chartered status provides confirmation one meets the required best practice standards set by the RICS. The designation MRICS is recognised and respected globally as a mark of excellence and integrity. Now that I’m qualified, I intend be a councilor to other candidates and become an APC assessor.


I chose to do this in incognito mode to not take up anyone’s valuable time within the firm as a test for myself and to see if I have what it takes. I chose to use an external councilor for this reason.


A huge thanks to Quartz for supporting me in gaining this qualification, I am very grateful.”


Thank you Abdul and once again, congratulations.