Quartz Project Services are committed to driving sustainable change throughout the organisation, for all stakeholders. Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) is one way in which sustainable growth is monitored through the company’s operations.

The principles outlined on this page aim to demonstrate how the company works ethically, placing human rights and wellness at the core whilst also ensuring positive impacts are made amongst the economic and environmental spheres the business operates within. Quartz, as a business actively meets all relevant legislative requirements and complies with industry best practice throughout its operations.

Principles that encompass environmental, social and corporate governance play a critical role in how industries such as the built environment develop and champion resilience in the future. This is pivotal in the direction of growth for the business. The principles outlined here are fully embedded in the company’s decision-making processes, operations and delivery to drive transparent and purposeful business with integrity.

As a business, Quartz has the vision to build the futures of our clients to help them create their development potential. Quartz’s policy is to always conduct business rooted in our core values; Integrity, Opportunity, Accountability, Quality and Transparency. Championing these values is fundamental to the business and its growth.



Therefore, Quartz is committed to undertaking annual carbon inventories of Scope 1, 2 and where data is available Scope 3 emissions. As a business, Quartz will ultimately aim to reduce the overall emissions year on year and offset any unavoidable emissions. Reduction targets to monitor the progress of the reduction rates will be set as part of a long-term action plan.


Quartz now has a benchmark carbon footprint for the reporting period of Jan-Dec 2020. As a business, Quartz are working towards not only carbon neutrally but also carbon net-zero. This is a long-term aspiration but one that is being embedded in all areas of the business not only for employees but also for clients.

Corporate Travel

Quartz recognises that business travel is a fundamental offering to clients and the emissions associated with this are often unavoidable. However, it is understood that this is a large factor in the organisation’s carbon footprint. The corporate travel policy for the business has been designed to actively develop and implement a strategy that champions sustainability for necessary business travel.

Energy Consumption

Quartz’s operational teams also actively engage with all utility companies from which procured energy is supplied. Active liaison with suppliers is fundamental in ensuring that energy consumption is monitored to improve data accuracy. This will support the organisational annual carbon emission inventory reporting. Where possible, green tariffs for all procured energy will be procured.

Utility Consumption

In addition to monitoring the consumption of office utilities, all employees are also encouraged to review their utility consumption whilst working remotely. Educating all members of staff to understand their impact whilst working at home is fundamental. Information on switching to green energy tariffs at home and equipment best practice is provided.

Waste Management

Quartz’s waste management policy champions the overall reduction of waste in the workplace. Recycling facilities are made available to all employees who are encouraged to utilise these facilities when waste is generated at the office premises.



Quartz has employed three apprentices in the last three years. One of which has gone on to achieve a distinction in her degree and is now a permanent employee at Quartz. The other two apprentices are being supported in their early years of their career still.


The Government Kickstart Scheme creates new opportunities for young people and helps them get hands-on work experience during the pandemic. We have employed a kickstarter who is now a permanent member of staff. We are very proud to be playing a part in the country’s economic recovery by supporting this scheme.

Modern Slavery

Quartz does not engage in, nor condone the unlawful employment or exploitation of children, forced labour or slavery including human trafficking, prison labour or indentured labour and bonded labour. Quartz Project Services complies with UK Labor and modern slavery law. Our full modern slavery policy can be found here.


Quartz is dedicated to driving positive change for all stakeholders. This includes supporting employees and clients in any charitable endeavors, community outreach projects and ensuring that we are positively connected to the wider community. This is either through our internal teams or in collaboration with client projects.

H&S Policy

Employees are expected to observe reasonable safety precautions in their work. Any safety hazards should be brought to the attention of senior team members and rerecorded accurately.

Wellness And Equality

Quartz is committed to providing the best possible working environment for all employees. Quartz is also dedicated to supporting all employees to develop and achieve their professional goals. A core value for Quartz is to always foster spirit of collaboration and integrity for all employees, working towards the business’s common vision and goals. Supporting all employees and providing them with a positive workplace is fundamental in achieving this. Quartz is committed to championing equality and diversity in all areas of the business. Positive inclusive practices are embedded into the culture at Quartz and are upheld by all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance

Governance Structure

In their capacity as directors, the members of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of (Quartz) must act at all times in the best interests of (Quartz). All potential or actual conflict of interest, identified will be formally disclosed, and support will be provided to all employees to ensure the conflicts of interest are avoided where possible.

Business Ethics

Quartz strives to conduct business in a responsible, transparent and ethical manner. The growth and success of the business is rooted in ensuring trust and confidence is instilled in all stakeholders. By upholding this commitment to operating in a responsible and ethical manner, Quartz strives to be an equal and inclusive employer. Quartz ensures it is free of discrimination, abuse or harassment, with adequate support for all individuals. Management create a supportive and open environment for employees to develop.



Addressing the climate emergency is a key priority for Quartz Project Services. Understanding and addressing the impact that we as a business create on the environment and society is of pressing importance. By engaging all employees to champion sustainability for not only our organisation but also our clients, will help move us forward in the fight against climate change. In order to fully understand and ultimately reduce our environmental impact we are working with RLJ Consulting to carry out a full Greenhouse Gas Inventory of Quartz’s business operations every year.

These are the first step allowing us to become Carbon Neutral and in the future a Net Zero Carbon organisation. Please see the below link to download our yearly Carbon Reports.

2021 Quartz Carbon Report

2020 Quartz Carbon Report